Master Classes

August 6, 7 & 8 2019

Narrative VR: Unity or Unreal

How would having an understanding of both of these industry standard game engines help you navigate a wider variety of projects?
Bring a basic proficiency of one/the other platform, and -- with two industry leading creators as your guides -- leave not only with a project underway but also a handle on where the other platform shines and how to implement it into your development pipeline.


September 21 & 22 2019

UX Design for Future Interfaces

This 2-day master class and interactive workshop will allow you to learn and develop your skills for virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed realities.
Taught by UX designer and accessibility expert Regine Gilbert this class will give creatives, digital artists, developers and storytellers the tools and techniques to create XR experiences.


October / November 2019

XR for Healthcare

XR is revolutionizing healthcare as immersive technologies are adopted across the industry.
This Master Class, led by an expert Unity developer, will explore innovations and opportunities in this industry and how to apply your skill-set as a game/interactive developer to work in this field.


February 2020

Distributing VR Projects

What are the technical requirements for submitting to the Oculus and Steam stores and how do you make your piece stand out?
How can you leverage advances in software and hardware to make a great immersive work that leaves a lasting impression? Learn directly from successful teams as they guide you through their journey step by step.


April 2020

Motion Capture

Motion Capture is essential to develop avatars and create realistic movement in video games, and everything else in a digital world.
This Master Class will give you hands on experience and expose you to the hardware and software that will to take your creations to the next level.


June 2020

Brand Marketing in XR

Ready to add XR to your brand marketing strategy? Or to your repertoire as a developer/strategist?
Discover how successful immersive, spatial and interactive experiences were created; learn best practices for development; explore leading tools and techniques, and start a project with guidance from your expert instructors.


August 2020

Immersive Audio

Taught by an accomplished sound designer and 3D audio engineer, this master class in immersive audio will bring stereo sound designers, composers and music producers up to speed on how to deliver audio for immersive experiences.
Likewise, the class will train VR developers/producers in how to produce and work with audio in their immersive projects. You’ll get hands-on with the tools and kick start a project of your own!


Executive Education

October / November 2019

Strategy and Conceptualizing New Products & Services in Healthcare

XR in Healthcare brings industry leaders and innovators from diverse backgrounds in the healthcare industry together to share knowledge on cutting edge technology in virtual reality, augmented reality and related applications.
This immersive educational experience will feature a curated three day program including a mix of business use cases, dynamic lectures, cutting edge demos, and practical training to help you move forward in this field.


February / March 2020

Developing an Augmented Reality Strategy For Your Company

Augmented reality technologies create opportunities for new products and services in nearly every industry. What frameworks can executives apply to advance innovation with AR? What is the state of the art, and how will the AR ecosystem evolve and expand over the next 2-5 years?


June / July 2020

XR for Smart Cities, Construction, & Urban Design

Details coming soon...